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As international spokespersons on a wide range of topics relating to marriage and family therapy, Drs. Lew and Bettner have appeared on radio and television talk shows throughout the country. They have been featured in dozens of respected national magazines and newspapers including: Child, Savvy, Redbook, Parent's Magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Boston Globe and Boston Herald.

As Adlerian therapists, Drs. Lew and Bettner are known for their innovative work in fostering family meetings, couple therapy and the use of early recollections in all types of therapy.

They have presented seminars to parents, teachers, and fellow counselors in many countries, including Czech, Holland, Russia, Canada, Puerto Rico, Lithuania, Estonia, Ireland, Switzerland, Malta, Portugal, and England. Drs. Bettner and Lew bring an international perspective on the fundamental elements necessary to foster strong positive relationships between parents and children, as well as adult couples.

Dr. Lew is on the faculty of the Family Institute of Cambridge and maintains a private practice in family, couple and individual counseling in Newton, Massachusetts. She is the mother of two grown daughters.

Dr. Bettner has her private practice specializing in individual, couple and family counseling and is the Director of the Family Education Center in Springfield, Pennsylvania. She serves on the Advisory Committee of Children and Youth Services of Delaware County, PA and on the board of the International Committee of Adlerian Schools and Institutes. She is the mother of three sons and a daughter and a former foster parent of fifteen.

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